Gourmet picnics overlooking breath-taking seascapes or enjoying the craic and cead mile failte from the locals, get in touch and you’ll understand why an adventure shared with Wild Strands in Donegal, the Coolest Place on The Planet’ is a place with a magic all of its own.

The exciting release of Wild Strands Slow Adventure tours will provide a timely opportunity for clients to choose from a selection of sustainable tourism adventure packages to suit everyone’s needs providing an opportunity for people to come together to share their journey and stories by the gathering together to prepare and eat ‘wild’ good food.

Wild Strands tours can additionally provide, from our local panel of translators in the following languages e.g. Irish, Italian, Catalan, Spanish, Dutch, German and French.

In these exceptional times only Walking Tours will now be delivered in July / August 2021.

Check out below for examples of Slow Adventure Experiences Tours for 2022. Launch for release and bookings in August 2021

The Donegal Currach Tour

A unique opportunity to have the leading authority on Currachs , Donal Mac Polin guide you in the art of building and your own ancient boat, the Donegal Currach

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Maritime Epic Tours

An opportunity to appreciate the beauty and craftmanship of local traditional boats e.g. Donegal Currach, Foyle Punt, and the Greencastle yawl, the Drontheim

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As all tours are tailor made to your requirements please contact us
to devise your own tour for a price and any other queries you may have.