With Wild Strands Slow Adventure Experiences, you get to be, explore, immerse and engage in a conversation with nature and wildness, creating magical memories.

These are real meaningful nature-based experiences that invites you to invests time for you to reconnect with nature and yourself. We aim to guide you to relax and surrender to allow the natural forces of this ancient environment to envelop you.

This form of responsible tourism promotes slow immersive journeys, to  live in and travel lightly allowing  nature to be centre stage, to hold you in its timeframe, its seasons, its weathers and its wonder.

explore the beautiful sea and landscapes of the North West of Ireland. Wild strands, Dúlaman Fada, promotes food from the edge, developing packages around gastro topography. These unique authentic food experiences are designed to present the rich food culture in the ancient mythological setting of Inishowen and Derry.

The Creative Wild Strands team have devised Slow Adventure tours that showcase nature using wild and local food as a focus to interpret and engage with seascapes and landscapes through gastro – topography. Clients will gain an amazing relaxing insight into this area by exploring the natural and built heritage through foraging, art, architecture, Qigong, music, traditional boat making, basket making, gardening, etc. Our unique sustainable, responsible tours allow clients to have an off the beaten track slow adventure experience.